Born and raised in the 6th District, Patricia Joan Murphy holds the south suburban communities close to her heart. Patricia is running for the Cook County 6th District Commissioner seat in order to change the face of county government. She has fresh ideas uninfluenced by any political clout on how government can lead with transparency and offer residents and businesses the leadership they deserve.

As an entrepreneur and business owner for more than 20 years, Patricia is a creative and energetic force with ideas for increasing revenue streams and not raising taxes on hard-working people. Patricia believes in making the Southland more attractive to commerce and manufacturing is in order to create more jobs. Encouraging economic development is essential.

Public service is at the core of being an elected official; Patricia is a tireless advocate and volunteer for many organizations.  She supports veterans by volunteering and donating to annual Veteran Stand Down events and actively participates and honors veterans in the Salute to Armed Forces celebration and ceremony.  Putting her business on hold in order to care for her ailing mother, former Cook County Commissioner, Joan Patricia Murphy, Patricia has empathy for and understands first-hand the pressures and struggles many seniors have. She brings the gift of music and stimulates minds with activities to local retirement home and treats all seniors with the dignity they have earned and deserve.

Patricia grew up enjoying nature and beauty of the vast Cook County Forest Preserves located in the 6th district. Patricia believes it is of the utmost importance to protect the environment; that’s why she is a member of the Sierra Club Illinois Chapter – an organization formed more than 50 years ago to protect Illinois’ beautiful environments.

Garnering her B.S. degree from Boston University, Patricia specialized in Marketing Management and has applied those skills to her everyday business life and will apply them, as well as her business acumen, in devising a plan to make Cook County thrive.

In the 6th District, Patricia attended Incarnation Catholic Grammar School as well as Alan B. Shepherd High School. Patricia stands strong on making sure children have every opportunity to receive education that meets the highest standards in a safe and welcoming environment.

With union blood pumping through her veins, Patricia also wants to work with unions and trades to bring technical training to the Southland in order to teach valuable skills in order to ready a workforce for new business.

Patricia will work with and for her constituents every single day and reminds them her door is always open.


I'll EARN YOUR VOTE by working with and for ALL my constituents every single day!

Proud Of My Grassroots

Proud that my grassroots effort helped lead to REPEAL of the Sweetened Beverage Tax. Raising taxes on our hard-working citizens and ignoring cost management is not the answer. Cook County, like every family and business in the 6th District, must live with FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY


INCREASE revenue streams through economic development. PROTECT small businesses and ENSURE livable wages.


Political self interest and CRONYISM must STOP. I'm an INDEPENDENT voice with FRESH IDEAS and no political baggage.


INVEST in YOUTH by introducing and increasing Vocational, Career and Technical EDUCATION that reinforces Math & Sciences (STEM). This will prepare those who are college bound, as well as those who may choose a career path in the TRADES. Make sure AFTERSCHOOL programs are safe and abundant.


Create a MANUFACTURING HUB with thriving waterways and improved commercial and Metra rail service- creating more commerce and JOBS.


UNIONS and LABOR need our SUPPORT. We must PROTECT the rights, benefits, and job opportunities for union workers.