Committed to be a full-time commissioner with no other political office or conflict of interest. We need a commissioner to act on behalf of the residents not in the pocket of others.


Opposed to tax increases on the backs of working families and small businesses. Residents and business owners should not be burdened with heavy taxes. Let’s fix the broken property tax system which is significantly impacting our district. Everyone should pay their fair share and shift the burden to those who can least afford it.


Dedicated to economic growth by attracting more commerce and manufacturing. This will increase revenues and bring jobs back into Cook County. As a small business owner, I understand first-hand the demands on businesses and how government can encourage or hinder them.


Committed to improving access to quality healthcare particularly for our most vulnerable residents such as the poor, veterans, those with disabilities and our seniors.


Supporter of workers’ rights. I come from a strong union family and believe we should protect the safety and benefits of all workers. We need to have everyone’s voices heard at the bargaining table. Supporting and increasing vocational and technical education is vital to encouraging young people to pursue a career in the trades.


Devoted to protecting our natural resources and the environment for future generations. I grew up in Crestwood where unsafe water was delivered into our homes and businesses resulting in deaths. I will fight to ensure our waters, lakes and creeks are not tainted from the disposal of hazardous drugs and chemicals.